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How confident are you?

A question I often ask women is to rate their level of confidence. To my surprise, most rate themselves pretty high. On a scale of 1-5, the majority rate themselves between a 4-5. That is pretty darn confident. However, it always baffles me when I ask the same women to tell me what they do well. Most struggle to answer the question. Continue reading

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How to Communicate Effectively With Your Boss in 5 Easy Steps

When a woman tells me she wants to work on communicating more effectively with her boss, she most likely is referring to her verbal communication. This is the number one mistake professional women make.

The more and more I work with women; I find that we often neglect the development of our nonverbal communication. Most of us think of communication as just talking.

Study after study has proven that body language is far more effective in communicating the right message than any words that may come out of your mouth. Continue reading

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A Networking Story

The best way to network, is to build a strategy around helping others meet their goals. Master this approach, and you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll get in return.
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